LIFETECH is an innovative family business in the field of ultraviolet light, ozone generators, ozone, UV technology and AOP (Advanced Oxidation Processes) equipment.

We develop and produce unique and high quality products. Such as low pressure and medium pressure UV lamps, ozone generators with output range from milligrams to tens of kg O3/h and AOP equipment able to treat unlimited amount of water. Our devices are used for water treatment, air purification and disinfection. Main areas of application are drinking water and waste water, pool and Jacuzzi, sewage, ballast water, aquaculture, food and beverage processing, odour control and removal or industrial applications.

Since we are designing and manufacturing the products ourselves, we are able to have an individual approach and customise the product according to your needs. We aim to offer the best quality / price ratio on the market.

LIFETECH has its own development department and cooperates in the long-term with reputable companies and universities from Germany, the Netherlands, France, Switzerland, the UK, the USA and the Czech Republic on development of new equipment and technologies. That is the reason why our clients are able to exploit professional and state-of-the-art products and technologies. Moreover, based on our knowledge we have developed a significant amount of unique products for our clients.

We also supply all the other necessary equipment such as air dryers, oxygen concentrators, thermal and catalytic vent ozone destructors, injectors, porous and radial diffusers, ozone monitors and detectors. LIFETECH’s product are distributed all over the world.

Assoc. Prof. Jiri Drimal,Ph.D., the director of LIFETECH, has worked and participated in research projects of Eindhoven University of Technology (Tu/e), The University of Manchester, RWTH Aachen University, Moscow State University, etc. and is an avowed expert in the field of ozone, UV, AOP and plasma technologies.

LIFETECH – Small change, big difference



LifeOX-UV breakthrough UV water treatment technology – patent pending


Technology supplier to Aquapark Olympic center Luzniki, Moscow – the biggest Waterpark in Russia LifeOX M technology

Profi Pure UVM system – the first medium pressure UV for the needs of private pools & Jacuzzis


Development of compact AOP technology LifeOX M – combination of ozone and medium pressure UV


LifeAGE technology – UVM lamp lifetime up to 30 000 hours


LifeOX technology for pool water treatment – AOP – combination of ozone and medium pressure UV

Improving quality of recycled wool washing water – Nejdek Wool Combing, Modiano Group – AOP technology – 5 kg O3/h ozone generator at 10 w%  and hydrogen peroxide


Technology supplier to drinking water plant for Veolia (Bochnia, Poland) – 3 x 1.2 kg O3 / h ozone generators – 12 w% – re-design of WEDECO ozone technology to decrease operation and investment costs, installation


Removal of pesticides from drinking water for Veolia – AOP – combination of ozone and UV –  lab tests, pilot tests, installation


Industrial air deodorization for Cataphoresis – AOP – combination of ozone and hydrogen peroxide – design, pilot tests, installation


Removal of dioxins from waste water in Spolana Neratovice – 5 kg O3 / h – AOP Process – combination of ozone and hydrogen peroxide – design, lab tests, installation


Improving quality of recycled wool washing water – Nejdek Wool Combing, Modiano Group –  3.3 kg O3/h – lab tests, pilot tests, installation


First drinking water treatment plant in Hosov – 2.5 kg O3 / h – design, pilot tests, installation


Beginning of research and development in the field of plasma physics and ozone


More than 30 years
professionals in the field

By having an experience of more than 30 years in this sector and our own R&D centre, we‘ve developed detailed technical knowledge and manufacturing precision, so you can rely on us when making a decision. We focus on the highest quality while taking into account your budget. We aim to offer the best quality / price ratio on the market.     



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Assoc. Prof. Jiri Drimal, PhD.