Catalogue 2023 - Pools & Whirlpools

Our planet is unique for life, let‘s protect it together

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Reduce the carbon footprint

Our unique technologies (LifeAGE®, LifeOX®M) significantly reduce the carbon footprint compared to standard technologies. In addition, these technologies bring competitive advantages for you and your clients. LifeAGE® extends the life of low-pressure and medium-pressure UV lamps and provides the same degree of water and air treatment throughout the life of UV lamps. LifeOX®M is the most effective technology for reducing and preventing the formation of harmful Trichloramine in pool water.

Ozone, UV a AOP technology leader

LIFETECH creates products to ease your final decision making. We design and produce a full range of
low pressure and medium pressure UVs, as well as ozone generators and AOP equipment to be your
single source for water and air purification. By having an experience of more than 30 years in this
sector and our own R&D centre, we‘ve developed detailed technical knowledge and manufacturing
precision, so you can rely on us when making a decision. We focus on the highest quality while taking
into account your budget. We aim to offer the best quality / price ratio on the market.

Lifetech technology in Zuri Zanzibar

LIFETECH is proud that by designing and supplying ozone, UV and LifeOX®M technology for the treatment of drinking and pool water, it has contributed to the fact that the unique resort Zuri Zanzibar was the first in the world to be awarded by the EarthCheck’s Sustainable Design Gold Certification.

Lifetech technology in Luzhniki Olympic Center in Moscow

LIFETECH is honored that its unique LifeOX®M technology has been selected as the best technology for pool water treatment in Russia‘s largest aquapark at the Luzhniki Olympic Center in Moscow. The technology was launched in 2020. LifeOX®M technology treats all pool water with a total flow greater than 3000 m3/h.