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Prevention from other pandemics and global warming

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There is an urgent need to take steps for a sustainable life on this planet

About 20 million people worldwide have died as a result of the current coronavirus pandemic. This corresponds to an extremely low mortality of 0.2%. Even with such a low mortality rate, the pandemic overwhelmed hospitals and significantly negatively affected education, schooling, business, and increased prices and inflation. To this must be added mental problems, with the youngest children lagging behind in basic verbal and motor skills.
It is more than certain that there will be other pandemics, whether natural or artificial (bioterrorism). As Bill Gates said at the TIME 100 summit in New York, a pandemic with a mortality of 5% could mean the end of all mankind.

It is necessary to immediately prepare for the fight against pandemics, both within the framework of cooperation between countries and each of us individually. There is no time to wait. The same applies to the global warming problem of our planet. CO2-reducing technologies must be used immediately. When designing the unique TriUV® disinfection units, both of these aspects (high air disinfection efficiency and at the same time reduction of the CO2 footprint) were strict input conditions. In addition, the aesthetic appearance of TriUV® was considered. TriUV® is the combination of technical innovation, aesthetic sensitivity, and user-friendliness.