Catalogue 2023 - Pools & Whirlpools
Beroun, Czech Republic
Pool & Jacuzzi

We wanted to reduce the level of combined chlorine, and therefore we chose combination of ozone and UV radiation, namely LifeOX®.

Our visitors realized the change themselves and many of them came to tell us the water has “sparks”. Information about the water quality spreaded very quickly and we experience a significant increase in the number of visitors.

LifeOX® technology not only met our expectations but exceeded them greatly. We strongly recommend the system.”

Director – Antonin Marx (Aquapark Beroun)


Municipal swimming area Tipsport Laguna Beroun

Pool types: swimming pool, recreational pool, children’s pool, whirlpool
Total flow: 830 m3
Supply: LifeOX® technology
Total power: 12 kW


“Technology LifeOX® significantly improved the quality of pool water”

Construction of the municipal swimming complex started in 2005 and the official opening was in 2007. Since then, residents of all ages of Beroun and its surroundings use this modern water park for sports and their free-time activities.

Wellness / fitness center part of Tipsport Laguna provides in addition to the gymnastic hall (fithall) and a gym with cardio-zone and a solarium, sauna, plunge pool and a massage room. The ground floor dedicated to waterpark, with its total water area of ​​over 650m² offers both purely sports swimmers experience in 25m swimming pool with possibility of using steam at a temperature of 52°C and relaxation in the relaxation pools with sun loungers and seasonal sundeck or social entertainment on slide attractions with two water slides.

Until modernization of pool water treatment technology in 2012, standard technology along with 1gram ozone generators was used. With this technology it was possible to maintain the quality of pool water with respect to then hygiene norms, but it was often at the expense of increased consumption of dilution water. In addition, an optimization of operation of the technology was rather difficult to maintain. After tightening health regulations relating to limit values ​​for combined chlorine, we decided to modernize the existing water treatment of swimming pool water. The aim was to ensure compliance with the new hygiene standards and with sufficient margin. We also wanted to ensure greater stability and water quality at reduced demands on the operation of the technology.

We have dedicated almost a year to choosing the most appropriate technology and visited many water parks and swimming areas to obtain detailed information directly from operators. Based on the information we have chosen the most advanced technology of pool water treatment, combing ozone and UV radiation. This technology is called advanced oxidation technology. It is much more effective than using either UV or ozone technology only. It does not only disinfection of water and removal of bound chlorine, but also effectively decomposes organic matter brought to water by pool visitors and by this it prevents creation od bound chlorine. The indisputable advantage of this technology is that it is very compact and can be easily installed into existing technologies. On the basis of the tender, Lifetech Ltd. was chosen as a supplier, because it offered best offer of the combined technology LifeOX®.


At the end of 2012 have been upgraded water treatment technologies in all pools :

  • Children’s pool – volume 51m3, water temperature : 30°C
  • Whirlpool – volume 20 m3, water temperature 35°C
  • Swimming pool – volume 438m3, water temperature 27°C
  • Recreational pool – volume 318m3, water temperature 28°C

The LifeOX® technology includes also medium pressure systems LifeUVM® with state of the art UV technology LifeAGE®. With this technology, we will save significant operating costs compared to standard UV systems. Savings are achieved through lower power consumption and longer life of the UV lamps that reduces the cost of periodic servicing. Supplier gave us the opportunity to choose UV systems with manual or automatic wipers.

The financial difference between them is minimal, but automatic wiper ensures consistently clean surface of quartz glass, in which UV lamp is located. This guarantees maximum use of UV radiation for the treatment of water. Operators of technology also positively evaluate the entire UV system is fully unattended. So investments in auto-wipers returns quickly.

After more than a year of operation, we can evaluate investments in LifeOX® technology by Lifetech as clearly beneficial for significant improvement in the quality of swimming pool water and air in the swimming hall. Additionally, it is very important for us to have technology sufficient margin to maintain the existing water quality even in case of extreme number of visitors or in the need to reduce the current level of bound chlorine to the hygiene limit of 0.2 mg / l, as is the case in Germany. LifeOX® technology not only met our expectations but greatly exceeded them.

We appreciate most the fact that our visitors only within a few days after launch of new technologies experienced improved air and water quality themselves. Many of them personally came to tell us that water is now “sparkling”. Investments in upgrading technology of water treatment thus fulfilled the main goal – maximum visitor satisfaction with the quality water and air pollution in our water park.

Finally, I would like to thank the director of the company Lifetech Assoc. Prof. Jiri Drimal,Ph.D. for cooperation in carrying out the contract.


LifeOX® Technology – UV reaction chamber (on the picture on the right near to you) and stainless reaction and degas tank (on the left) of the Lifepool® Exclusive ozonation set. Oxygen generator (on the wall on the left) and ozone generator Lifepool® above him. On the right side of the wall there is control cabinet of the medium pressure UV system LifeUVM® equipped with LifeAGE® technology.