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Vaclavi, Czech Republic
Drinking water

In 2005, laboratory and pilot studies on drinking water resources contaminated by triazine pesticides have been done by LIFETECH for Veolia Water.

To decrease the concentrations of about 180ng/l atrazine, 350ng/l desethylatrazine, and 150ng/l simazine, rapid and highly efficient LifeOX® Advanced Oxidation Process was developed. In 2008, our technology treating 3.6l/s was installed at Vaclavi Water Treatment Plant in cooperation with Culligan. After putting into service, the pesticide concentrations in the treated water dropped bellow 10ng/l (see the graph bellow). The concentration of bromates, a potential byproduct of the oxidation processes, is kept under 54g/l.

Further successful pilot study has been done on two potential drinking water resources, 12.5l/s each, highly contaminated with atrazine and terbutylazine.

Related publication: A. Hrdlicka, J. Drimal, J. Seps: Removal of triazine herbicides from drinking water, Vodni hospodarstvi 3, 51-52 (2010). In Czech.

Concentration of triazines in water supply network, Vaclavi water ressource

The situation before and after putting the technology into service in 2008. 
Red line corresponds to EU parametric value for individual pesticides.


Graph reproduced by courtesy of the authors J. Michalova, M. Stehnova (SCVK, Veolia Water):
Removal of pesticide compounds at Vaclavi Water Treatment Plant, “Voda” Conference, March 11.- 12., 2010, Zlin, Czech Republic.