Selected studies done by LIFETECH (2003-2010)

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Decomposition of hardly biodegradable polyethers and polyesters in wastewater from rubber
tubing production
Reduction of COD in wastewater from mechanical pulp production2010
Ozonation of condensates aiming at the reduction of their TOC content2009 
 Reduction of AOX content in wastewater from wool washing processes2008 
 COD reduction in wastewater containing polyvinyl alcohol by an advanced oxidation process 2008
Application of ozonation and advanced oxidation process for treatment of wastewater from
bioethanol plant
Removal of triazine compounds from water of Bedovice S3 and S10 water resources. Report on
pilot study
Decontamination of cyanide wastewater from mazut gasification process in Chemopetrol plant
by an advanced oxidation process
 Removal of triazine compounds from water of Vaclavi water resource, Report on pilot study2005 
Ozonation of soil contamined by PCBs, PCDDs/Fs, polycyclic aromatic compounds, and nonpolar extractive substances2005 
 Removal of triazine herbicides from water of contaminated drinking water resources2005 
 Treatment of benzothiazoles containing effluent from waste water plant in rubber industry 2005 
 Solution of wastewater issues, Velveta dyeing works, Part 22005 
 Treatment of secondary condensate – deodorization and reduction of ammonia nitrogen, Wool
Combing Plant in Nejdek
Spolana-Dioxins Project, Report on treatment of wastewater from BCD process2005
Ozonation of wastewater from pulp bleaching process after its biological treatment at Biocel
Paskov paper mill
Solution of wastewater issues, Velveta dyeing works, Part 12004
Reduction of AOX content in wastewater from Wool Combing Plant in Nejdek2004
Decoloration of effluent from Jindrichuv Hradec Wastewater Plant2004
Removal of oxidizable contaminants from landfill leachates2004
Treatment of effluent from wastewater plant and treatment of wastewater from pulp bleaching
process at Biocel Paskov paper mill
 Removal of chlorinated aliphatic hydrocarbons, polycyclic aromatic compounds, and non-polar
extractive substances from contaminated groundwater
Treatment of mine water from uranium mines. Laboratory study on removal of compounds
blocking RO membranes
Reduction of odorous components in emissions from cataphoretic painting line, Report on pilot
Spolana-Dioxins Project, Report on laboratory experiments, Part 12004
Pilot study on treatment of thermal water from Mušov-3(G) well 2003
Design of water treatment technology for use of thermal water from Mušov-3(G) well to recreational purposes2003