LIFETECH UV systems offer customers green alternative to environmentally harmful chemicals used for disinfection including chlorine, chlorine dioxide, and hypochlorite. Germicidal lamps generate energy in the UV spectrum to destroy bacteria, fungi and viruses (microorganisms). Microorganisms include several distinct groups of disease causing germs (viruses, bacteria, fungi, algae and protozoa). UV is highly effective against cryptosporidium and giardia – organisms resistant to chlorine that are a major risk to human health. Another advantage of UV is the absence of taste and odour. The target of UV disinfection is the genetic material, nucleic acid. As the UV penetrates through the cell and is absorbed by the nucleic acids, a rearrangement of the genetic information occurs, interfering with the cell‘s ability to reproduce. A cell that cannot reproduce is considered dead; since it is unable to multiply to infectious numbers within a host.

advantages and disadvantages of low Pressure UV Technology

Simple installation

Low price

Low energy consumption

Ecological disinfection without chemicals

Possibility of bacteria reactivation (means the disinfection might not be permanent)

Does not remove bound chlorine (therefore not very suitable for pool applications)


The maximum absorption of UV light by the nucleic acid, DNA, occurs at a wavelength of 260 nm. The low pressure germicidal lamp emits single UV wavelength at 254 nm that is very close to the optimized wavelength for maximum absorption by nucleic acids.


Medium pressure lamps diffuse a broadband UV-C radiation, rather than a single line. That gives UVMs big advantages in both pool water treatment and industrial water treatment: UVMs lead to permanent disinfection of treated water and removal of combined chlorine. Medium pressure UV lamps are very intense radiation sources. Due to this they require much less space compared to low pressure UV systems.

Overview of standard LifeUVL models

Single lamp / Multi lamps Single Single & Multi Multi
Electronic Ballast    
Single lamp / Multi lamps  
No wiper  
Manual wiper    
LifeUVL® Lamp
Quartz sleeve
316L Stainless Steel reactor with interior UV mirror


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