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Three reasons to disinfect cooling emulsions and cutting fluids in metalworking

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The situation in the metalworking industry

Accuracy and speed are two of the most crucial performance parameters in metalworking industry.

Cooling emulsions and cutting fluids play a crucial role in the entire machining process. These remove the heat and chips generated during cutting, milling, turning, etc. This heat can cause changes in the structure of the machined materials and the machine tools. Emulsions and fluids thus increase tool life and improve the quality of the machined surface. 

Their non-chemical disinfection is a way for manufacturing companies to reduce production costs and protect the health of their employees.

The problem of biocides in cutting fluids and cooling emulsions

In addition to water and oils, cutting fluids and cooling emulsions contain other additives such as emulsifiers, stabilisers and anti-corrosive additives. If they are not regularly disinfected, bacteria and moulds proliferate in their environment. This results in, among other things, odour, impaired function and clogging of the systems.

Therefore, chemicals (biocides) are added to liquids and emulsions to prevent bacteria and mould growth. The problem is that the aerosols released by these biocides pose a health risk. When exposed for long periods of time, they cause respiratory problems for staff, inflammation, skin irritation and allergic reactions, and can even cause lung cancer. Employees exposed to these substances are more likely to become ill and miss out on the production process.


The solution in the form of safe disinfection without biocides

The solution to the problem described above is to replace chemical biocides with a non-chemical disinfectant that is safe, does not pollute the environment and can be used safely on a permanent basis. The solution is to use UV radiation.

UV technology does not produce unwanted by-products, does not require storage and is simple and quick to install. Disinfection units for the treatment of cooling emulsions and cutting fluids cover the needs of the smallest and largest production companies.

The main advantages of UV disinfection:

1. Extension of the life of cooling emulsions and cutting fluids, 

2. (resulting) reduction of production costs and

3. prevention of illness of production personnel.