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TriUV® disinfection units against bioterrorism?

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What is bioterrorism

Any microorganism that causes disease or produces toxins can be used as a biological weapon (BW). There are several hundred pathogens that can cause disease in humans, but only a few dozen are feasible or adaptable for use as biological weapons. The most well-known include:

Anthrax spores, Smallpox, TB bacilli, Influenza

There is no difference between an air disinfection system designed to protect against natural airborne pathogens and a system designed to protect against the deliberate release of pathogens. UV technology is highly effective against microbial pathogens, whether they are spread by natural means or intentionally.

Based on the certified measurement of the effectiveness of the TriUV® disinfection unit and the known doses of UV radiation for inactivation of the above-mentioned potential biological weapons, disinfection efficiency can be determined for one pass through the TriUV® unit: