Unique technology LifeAGE® for medium-pressure UVM systems

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Why Choose LifeAGE®

The most economic and eco-friendly technology guaranteeing minimum operating costs.

Water Treatment

Water treatment (disinfection, the removal of combined chlorine including trichloramine, discoloration, AOP processes etc.) requires a certain minimum amount of UV radiation. In the first diagram we presume the quality of the water (drinking water, waste water) to be constant all the time. In this specific case, we need the UV radiation intensity to stay at or above the required lower threshold throughout the entire period of water treatment. In the diagram, this intensity is marked as 100%.

If a medium-pressure UVM lamp is driven by a basic magnetic ballast, the radiated UV intensity decreases very rapidly and the lifespan of the UV lamp is only about 4,000 operating hours. This situation is represented by the „magnetic-ballast power supply“ curve. In order to reach the required UV radiation intensity towards the end of the life cycle of the UV lamp, the UV radiation intensity should be about 150% at the beginning of the lamp operation. The operator of such a UV system therefore needs to use more electric power than necessary. These extra operating costs are represented by the size of the area between the „magnetic-ballast power supply“ curve and the required intensity value of 100%. This „needlessly used power“ is represented by grey colour.

Medium-pressure UVM systems using standard power supply of the medium-pressure UVM lamps may suddenly change the value of the supplied power of the UVM lamp several times, thereby rapidly changing the value of the UV radiation intensity. This situation is represented by the „standard power supply“ curve. This system prolongs the lifespan of medium-pressure UVM lamps to about 6,000 hours of operation. The costs of the unnecessarily used electric power are again represented by the area between the „standard power supply“ curve and the 100% curve.

The unique LifeAGE® technology developed by LIFETECH for optimal operation of medium-pressure UVM systems ensures in this case a stable intensity of the UV radiation throughout the lifespan of the medium-pressure LifeUVM® lamp. Thus, the operating costs are reduced to the possible minimum. The lifespan of the medium-pressure LifeUVM® lamps reaches the number of 18,000 operating hours and frequently even more than that. The quality of water and subsequently also the required UV dose is not always stable. This is the case when treating waste, industrial or pool water. The following figure shows a typical situation when the required dose of UV radiation in pool-water treatment is variable – this is the „needed UV radiation intensity“ curve. The required amount of UV radiation depends on the intensity of use of the pool, i.e. the number of persons in the pool, whether they are adults or toddlers etc. Most pools are operated from as early as 6 AM to 10 PM. The figure below shows two days of pool operation. The „standard
power supply“ curve represents the UV radiation intensity of a medium-pressure UV system with a standard power supply. Given the short time period (48h), the intensity is almost constant. The 100% curve corresponds to a UV radiation intensity that ensures a radiation dose of 60 mJ/cm2 in accordance with the German standard for pools, DIN 19643.

The medium-pressure LifeUVM® system with the unique LifeAGE® technology emits UV radiation in an intensity corresponding to the curve of the minimum required radiation intensity. The system is autonomous. Thus, in order
to reach the optimal intensity curve it does not need to be connected to an external device that would control it.
That is another benefit of the medium-pressure LifeUVM® systems by LIFETECH. During the first day, a situation arose when the water quality (the amount of combined chlorine, turbidity) deteriorated to the point that the dose of 60 mJ/cm2 was not sufficient for maintaining water quality that would correspond to the requirements of the sanitary
standard for pools. This case shows why it is beneficial to install medium-pressure systems with reserve capacity instead of a standard design according to the DIN standard. A UV system with standard power supply is incapable of responding to such extreme events, while the medium-pressure LifeUVM® systems with the LifeAGE® technology are able to handle them. The LifeUVM® systems have an output reserve to be able to cope with such situations, which are common in the everyday operation of water parks. Therefore, the maximum power consumption of medium-pressure UVM systems with the LifeAGE® technology cannot, by any means, be compared to the maximum consumption of standard medium-pressure systems. Such a comparison would be totally wrong, misleading and confusing.

Throughout the second day, the water quality is such that it only needs a UV radiation dose lower than the 60 mJ/ cm2 required by the German standard, DIN 19643. The LifeAGE® technology ensures automatic operation of the
medium-pressure UVM system at all times with the lowest necessary UV output. Standard UV systems emit a constant amount of UV radiation, which is frequently much higher than needed at a given time. The unnecessarily used electric power is again represented by the grey area.


It is recommended to install UV systems with a UV radiation dose higher than the recommended 60 mJ/cm2.

We Care about Nature

Opting for a medium-pressure UVM system with the unique LifeAGE® technology guarantees the lowest operating costs while contributing to the protection of our environment. The carbon footprint of this technology is much lower as compared to standard medium-pressure UVM systems. It will be a great thing if you contribute to the sustainability of life on our planet.