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Unique aspects of TriUV® disinfection units

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LIFETECH TriUV® is a series of air disinfection units with custom tailored design and the most environmentally friendly in its category, halving the CO2 footprint. The design is tailored to fit the specific circumstances of an individual customer and the customer is part of the design process. The unit is a combination of technical innovation, aesthetic, and user-friend-liness. The side walls can be made of stainless steel, aluminium, plastic, wood, stone, glass, etc. TriUV® can stand or be placed on a wall or ceiling. TriUV® is an innovative UV-C air disinfection unit with certified disinfection efficiency for SARS-CoV-2 higher than 99.999%. TriUV® is almost noiseless. Smart Home technology is compatible with central Smart Home units (Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant). TriUV® units cover flow rates up to 1200 m3/h. A healthy environment is assured with TriUV®.

Benefit to User

• Reduces concerns concerning an environment that is insufficiently healthy.
• The combination of technological patents ensures a long service life of TriUV® consumable parts. This eliminates the need to handle hazardous materials or dirty filters.
• TriUV® has an adjustable airflow, which affects the noise. At full power, the noise level is less than 40 dB, which is a comparable noise level to whispers or normal noise levels in a room. Noise does not fluctuate and is consistent. In silent mode, you won’t even know the device is running.
• Intuitive operation, with just a single switch for the device or with its remote control. User settings, such as calendar mode, require settings via a mobile application or connection to SmartHome technology.
• The service life of the UV lamp is about 5 years under normal use. The user will receive a notification when the lamp expires.
• Significant reduction in the morbidity of people in the season of viruses and other respiratory diseases due to air quality.
• Appearance modification based on personal preferences and interior style.
• Two placement options – hang the unit on the wall or ceiling, which is suitable for smaller spaces, and a free-standing product with the possibility of castors for easy movement around a room.

Benefit to Client

The product is based on many years’ experience from Lifetech air disin-fection project activities. These were also reflected in the product design, which was designed from the inside out. The patent pending design of the photon trap strongly defined the internal layout to obtain 99.99% air disinfection certification.
The product design was based on this knowledge and visually and shape-wise supported this construction. It used lamella constructions to minimise maximise airflow. The overall morphology is minimalist with an emphasis on timelessness.

The main benefit is the removable product base and the ability to place it on the wall and ceiling. Another benefit is product variability. The client can choose the colour as well as the material of the product’s visible side. In this way, the entire product portfolio is created according to flow rates: 150, 300, 600 to 1,200 m3/h. Each product line can be installed in 3 variants – freestanding, wall, ceiling and in any combination of materials – glass, plastic, metal, concrete, wood. When combining these options, the custom-er has numerous choices. The choice is always the client’s and they can change the product with a new side panel or accessories in the future. Advantage – a complete solution for households as well as entire companies, different rooms and requirements for consistent air quality maintenance – all thanks to flow variability, anchoring options and designs. Orders are for individual pieces as well as complete client design sets. All this combined with extremely low noise.

Benefit to Society

• Halving operating costs compared to today thanks to patent pending technology – radical reduction of the CO2 footprint
• Air disinfection without the use of HEPA filters (frequent replacement required)
• UV lamps are recyclable
• Minimum plastic is used for body production. The product is mainly made of metal, which is easily recyclable
• Within social factors, it is a matter of creating a safe environment for the movement of people
• Reducing fears of the spread of disease in society
• Education, raising awareness of the possibility of air disinfection
• These are no new forms of design, but we are creating a form that best meets the needs of the new world/person. We use modern materials and technologies: concrete, steel and glass, and we are also preparing the product for the materials of the future – recycled plastics or textiles. Therefore, we achieve a simple and minimalist form without unnecessary embellishments.