Catalogue 2023 - Pools & Whirlpools

The Palace of Water Sports Luzhniki Moscow: The best indoor water park in Russia

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LIFETECH is proud that its unique LifeOX®M technology, including LifeAGE® technology, has been selected as the best technology for pool water treatment in Russia’s largest aquapark at the Luzhniki Olympic Center in Moscow. LifeOX®M technology treats all pool water with a total flow greater than 3000 m3/h. Our exclusive LifeOX®M and LifeAGE® technologies significantly reduce the carbon footprint compared to standard ozone and UV technologies. In addition, these technologies bring competitive advantages for you and your clients. LifeOX®M is the most effective technology for reducing and preventing the formation of health harmful Trichloramine in pool water.

The water sports palace was built on the site of the legendary Luzhniki pool, which was visited by several generations of Muscovites. The swimming pool opened in 1956 and in almost 60 years has hosted a large number of different competitions, including the 1980 Olympic Games.

The Palace of Water Sports invites its guests to plunge into the diverse and exciting world of water sports and entertainment. The aquapark is visited by almost 2 million visitors a year, of which about 20% are active sportsman and 80% use the aquapark for relaxation.

The aquapark has 12 types of pools and whirlpools and many different types of saunas. The largest pool is a 50 m swimming pool with ten lanes.

The design of water treatment equipment for all pools, whirlpools and other water elements began in 2016. We elaborated this design with OOO DEEV from the very beginning, throughout the installation, until the very moment of commissioning of the entire technology. The official opening of the Luzhniki Aquapark took place on September 7, 2019.

LifeOX®M technology treats all pool water with a total flow almost 3000 m3/h. The LifeOX®M technology is unique innovation, which not only removes from the treated water organic substances, which the subsequent chlorination could turn into the most health harmful compound – Trichloramines. But simultaneously LifeOX®M can very effectively remove the already formed Trichloramines from the water. Thanks to this elegant solution, asthmatics can also swim in the pools, the environment of the pools is very pleasant without the typical pool odour. There is much lower risk of corrosion inside the pool halls. Achieving the level of bound chlorine values below the hygienic limit of 0.02 ppm is not a problem, even with minimal dilution of fresh water. Such a result can never be obtained with conventional ozone and UV technologies, including low pressure amalgam UV systems. Low pressure UV systems do not remove the most health harmful compound – Trichloramine.

LIFETECH supplied OZAST® ozone generators producing ozone from oxygen. The ozone concentration is 10% by weight. The smallest ozone generator produces 50 g O3/h at a concentration of 10% by weight, the largest device makes 750 g O3/h at a concentration of 10% by weight.

LifeUVM® medium pressure UV systems had been supplied with automatic wipers and groundbraking LifeAGE® technology. This technology significantly extends the life of medium-pressure UV lamps, further reducing the carbon footprint of LifeOX®M technology. The output of the smallest medium-pressure UV system LifeUVM® in Luzhniki is 2kW, the output of the largest is 15kW. All process information of the operation of medium-pressure LifeUVM® system is clearly displayed on a 7” color touch screen, which is very user friendly.

Room with ozone generators OZAST®.
LifeUVM® medium pressure UVM system – switchboard and stainless steel UV reactor with automatic wiper.