Catalogue 2023 - Pools & Whirlpools

Unique technology LifeAGE® for medium-pressure UVM systems

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• Guarantes minimum operating costs
• Protects our environment

LIFETECH, a world-recognized expert in the development and manufacturing of ozone generators, low- and medium pressure UV systems and AOP devices using advanced oxidation processes, has developed a unique technology, LifeAGE®, for medium-pressure UVM systems.

Why Choose LifeAGE®

The lifespan of medium-pressure UVM lamps in standard medium-pressure UVM systems ranges from 4,000 to 8,000 hours, while the lifespan of low-pressure UVC systems is about 13,000 hours. LIFETECH has developed a unique technology, LifeAGE®, for medium-pressure UVM systems that significantly prolongs the lifespan of medium-pressure UVM lamps. Due to this technology, the lifespan of medium-pressure UVM lamps ranges from 13,000 to 18,000 operating hours. Frequently, the lifespan reaches as many as 20,000 hours. Couple of years ago, such lifespan figures for medium-pressure UVM lamps were unimaginable.

The exceptional lifecycle length of the medium-pressure UVM lamps is not the only benefit of the LifeAGE® technology. Another benefit is the optimisation of the transmission of electric power from the power supply to the medium–pressure UVM lamp. Thus, it is possible to reach the same intensity of UV radiation with lower power consumption as compared to standard medium-pressure UVM systems. But the LifeAGE® technology has even more to offer.

Certain dose of UV radiation is needed for water treatment. The dose depends on the quality of the treated water. Now, in case of pool water, the water quality changes significantly depending on the number of people bathing in it. Unlike other UVM systems, the LifeAGE® technology itself automatically determines the necessary dose of UV radiation. If the water is clean, the power consumption automatically goes down, while if the water is polluted, the UV system automatically decreases its consumption depending on the degree of the pollution. The LifeAGE® technology guarantees the smallest possible operating costs depending on the quality of the treated water throughout the entire lifespan of the medium- pressure UVM lamps.

These benefits may be illustrated on the example of a medium-pressure UVM system with two 3kW lamps. The lifespan
of a UVM lamp with standard power supply is 8,000 hours compared to 16,000 hours in the case of LifeAGE® power supply. Let us draw a comparison for a 10-year period, for instance.

In addition to the above-mentioned savings brought by the LifeAGE® technology, one must take into account also the costs related to each service action such as transportation costs and the costs of the servicing itself. From the point of view of the environment, the excessive transport and the higher number of UVM lamps represent additional burden on the environment, increasing the carbon footprint of such technology. For your better understanding, let us mention that the energy savings of 158,000 kWh correspond to the reduction of the carbon footprint by 158,000 kg of CO2. These savings may also be expressed by the amount of black coal needed for the production of the saved electric
energy. In our case, it means economizing 87,600kg of black coal. That corresponds to the load of 17 trucks
with a load-carrying capacity of 5 tons.

We Care about Nature

Opting for of a medium-pressure UVM system with the unique LifeAGE® technology guarantees the lowest operating costs while contributing to the protection of our environment. The carbon footprint of this technology is much lower as compared to standard medium-pressure UVM systems. It will be a great thing if you contribute to the sustainability of life on our planet.