Catalogue 2023 - Pools & Whirlpools

ZURI Zanzibar: Delivery of water and waste management

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LIFETECH is proud that by designing and supplying ozone, UV and LifeOX®M technology for the treatment of drinking and pool water, it has contributed to the fact that the unique resort Zuri Zanzibar was the first in the world to awarded by the EarthCheck’s Sustainable Design Gold Certification.

LIFETECH has always designed environmentally friendly technologies. In 2015, LIFETECH was invited by its long-term business partner, VTI, to design ozone and UV technology for all water and waste management of the newly built hotel resort ZURI Zanzibar. The aim was to use ecologically clean technologies for water treatment and to make maximum use of wastewater recycling. LIFETECH, in cooperation with VTI, designed and supplied technologies for the treatment of drinking, pool and wastewater.

Water from wells passes through mechanical and membrane filtration and then enters two storage tanks. Each of them is 160 m3 in size. Drinking water is disinfected with ozone. No chlorine is used for disinfection. Visitors to the resort therefore drink tasty healthy water without a drop of chlorine. The delivery also included a water bottling plant enabling the filling of drinking water into glass bottles.

LifeOX®M advanced oxidation technology treats water in all pools. This is the most effective pool water treatment technology. This technology includes medium-pressure LifeUVM® systems with the unique LifeAGE® technology extending the life of medium-pressure UV lamps. The water of all whirlpools is treated using a Combi Ozone / UV device. It is a combined technology of ozone and low-pressure LifeUVL systems.

The maximum utilization of the produced water is achieved by disinfecting the water flowing out of the biological wastewater treatment plant using the advanced Combi Ozone / UV oxidation technology. Thus treated water is used for irrigation and as a source of water for fire reservoir.

Our exclusive LifeOX®M and LifeAGE® technologies significantly reduce the carbon footprint compared to standard ozone and UV technologies. In addition, these technologies bring competitive advantages for you and your clients. LifeOX®M is the most effective technology for reducing and preventing the formation of health harmful Trichloramine in pool water.